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Initial consultation An on-site meeting to discuss your requirements for the garden, including practical and aesthetic elements as well as materials and plants to be incorporated. This stage establishes what you want from your garden and how this can be tied in to reflect your personality and lifestyle.
measuring tape garden design survey
Site Survey If you decide to commission a design a Site Survey will be carried out to establish the size and dimensions of your garden. All the gardens dimensions, existing features, existing plants will be recorded along with photographs of the garden, property and surrounding views.

The design process comprises the steps shown to the right, for smaller, less complicated gardens all these stages may not be necessary. If you are happy with the layout of your garden but are unsure how to plant it we also offer a planting design service, click here for more information.

Are you happy with the layout of your garden but are unsure what to plant where? We can re-design and unify your planting beds to create easily maintained, exciting planting schemes.


Concept Plan / Master Plan The design for your garden. A scale plan with section views detailing how all the practical and aesthetic elements of the garden are positioned, along with suggested hard landscaping materials and styles for planting areas. After discussion with yourselves any necessary revisons are made to establish the Master Plan Click here for an example Concept Plan.
Construction and Setting Out Drawings Only usually required for large complex sites. These drawings detail the precise location of elements of the garden as well as how to construct bespoke features
Sourcing We are happy to help with the sourcing of garden furniture, pots or even sculpture. Please contact for further details.
garden design drawing
planting plan
building your garden
Building your Garden We only work with approved contractors to ensure your garden is built to the highest standards. We can also liaise between the contractor and yourselves to ensure minimum disruption.

Planting Plans Where all the plants go! The plans detail the number, size and location of all the plants for your garden, taking into account soil, aspect and your personal taste. We only source plants form our established network of nurseries supplying quality, healthy plants. Click here for an example Planting Plan.

planting the garden
Planting Once the garden has been built plants are delivered ans set out according to the plans, this allows necessary last minute adjustments to be made to maximise the impact of the planting.
sourcing services
construction drawings